Annual report 2015 – Bob Patchett

Dear residents of Woodford Ward,

During the 2014/2015 council year, a lot of our time as your District Councillors has been taken up with major planning applications, including the proposed development on the field behind Dolls Hill in Byfield that was refused unanimously by the members of DDC Planning Committee recently. We have successfully defended an appeal by Davidsons Developments who wanted to build 55 houses at Farndon Road Woodford and we are continuing to work on the Charwelton Tunnel project with all concerned.We have also supported a number of residents with their personnel applications to satisfactory conclusions. For now the rural boundaries and setting of the villagesin our beautiful part of Daventry District are safe and remain as they have been for centuries.

We have attended many meetings during the past year where decisions have been made to promote the credit union, energy switching scheme, new affordable housing schemes and social housing. We have been involved with some village neighbourhood plans for the communities in the Woodford ward and took difficult decisions to enable the authority to balance the finances without cutting current services. In the last few weeks we have made the decision to provide a special school in Daventry to cater for those children that are less able to cope with mainstream education. During the year we have kept our expenses to a minimum and we will continue to use our allowance to forward the interests of the electors of Daventry District.

Also this year we have held meetings with several organisations to try to forward a request to provide a new doctors surgery for the area and we have held talks with Farols on the Boddington Road as the local employer has indicated that they wish to expand their business and stay in the local area.

In December, the Councils new Joint Core Strategy plan was finally adopted and in the near future the Charwelton Village Neighbourhood plan will be incorporated into DDC policy. Some of you may have noticed that to date the flooding problems on the A361 seem to have been resolved and we are happy to see that the Fox and Hounds at Charwelton has now re-opened after a short time of closure with new management and a great menu. Superfast broadband is being rolled out in the villages in the ward that will benefit everyone in the next couple of years.

Last year, we informed you all about the new council house programme starting at the Middlemore estate in Daventry and it is my pleasure to inform you as Chairman that all 45 houses are completed and occupied, with another project of 45 houses to be built later this year subject to planning approval. The council offices now have a good income from the solar panels on the roof and the new Rugby Crematorium is open for business providing a valuable service to the local communities as well as a good return on the authority’s investment. Following adoption of the Authority’s Joint Core Strategy a new community infrastructure Levy on new built houses should follow by the end of June this year giving more funding for infrastructure projects in the district. DDC will also be formulating a new local plan which will involve each village in the district giving your local parish council and residents more influence on how the village changes in the future.

Finally I would like to thank everybody for the excellent turnout and support at the election on the 7th May and remind everyone that we are here to serve you all as your District Councillors.

Bob Patchett

CLLR BOB PATCHETT         TEL: 01788 510043 OR

CLLR LIZ GRIFFIN         TEL:01327 261983 OR

CLLR JO GILFORD         TEL:01327 872156     OR


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