Parish meeting minutes 24th October 2016

The Chairman introduced the agenda for the meeting
Tony and Jenny Fell, Debbie and Dave Hirst, Caroline Ridley, Councillor Bob Pritchett, Helen and Alan Whall.
Martin Allen (Clerk), Tony (Chairman) and Margaret Brown, Gina King, Graham and Barbara Stokes, Tim Jenner, Dave Dobson, Andrew and Julia Taylor, John and Ellena Christie, Paul Goudime, Helen Bowen, Richard Harris, Sue Whatton, Linda Wilson, Pauline Temple, Brita Wood, Doreen Hillier, Ian and Linda Negus, Matthew and Elaine Eden, Steve Brown, Martyn and Andrea Eustace, Mark Englert.
3. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: (16thNovember 2015): were displayed, approved and signed. (Proposed by Linda Wilson and seconded by Helen Bowen).
4. MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES: The Chairman stated that all matters arising were covered by items on the Agenda.
5. PRECEPT: The clerk stated that the current precept of £1500 well covered costs and showed slides describing various options for the 2017/2018 precept. Following discussion it was proposed by Gina King, seconded by Dave Dobson and then carried by a vote that the precept be kept at £1500.
6. Planning Applications: A summary of recent planning applications was presented and the clerk stated that the proposal for Catesby Tunnel to be converted to a wind tunnel was still being reviewed and that further information by the applicant on access, noise and bats had been presented to DDC in September.
The chairman presented details of the process for applying for work to trees in the village. He requested applicants used the correct form, available online; that an application was necessary for any tree of a diameter exceeding 100mm / 4″ at 2 m; reasons for felling trees should be given – not just that they obscure the view and if an application is unsuccessful DDC can apply a TPO.
It was also mentioned that for a small fee, £27, a pre application planning enquiry can be made to DDC to clarify the position before a formal application is submitted e.g. to check if a proposal is covered by permitted development rights.
7. Village Design Statement
The VDS has now been formally adopted as a supplementary planning document by DDC. During the formal consultation the wildlife trust requested that a map showing
areas of natural importance be added e.g ponds and this had been included in the final document.
The VDS is valid for 20 years
Martyn Eustace presented a proposal for the Red Lion pub to become an ACV which would give the community the right to bid if the landlord decided to sell. Once listed the ACV lasted 5 years. The chairman explained the requirements of finding 21 people or a vote at a parish meeting. Ian Negus suggested the field used for the fete should also be considered. After discussion it was proposed by Mark Englert and seconded by Martyn Eustace then carried by a vote of 28 to 0 that an application should be made in the name of Hellidon Parish Meeting for The Red Lion.
The chairman requested a volunteer for flood warden but none was forthcoming. The report into the flooding of church lane – small schemes pathfinder – was presented and the costs of £18-76k discussed. The problems of flooding at Catesby end were also raised by Martyn Eustace and the difficulties he is having finding a body e.g. highways in accepting responsibility
10. STWA and Godcakes
An update on the current situation at the pumping station was presented and a request made that the clerk inform STWA that the smell is still prominent.
The chairman then explained that the authority had offered to pay for the reinstatement of the two Godcakes along Little Back Lane near Charwelton lane and this work was scheduled for mid November. Residents expressed concern that speeding traffic in the village was an accident waiting to happen that highways were ignoring. The chairman presented research showing the benefits reinstatement would have for safety which was followed by a brief discussion of the proposed design of raised curbs and a raised grass centre with appropriate white line marking.
The clerk stated that some residents had raised concern that when verges outside their property were cut they were destroying plants and proposed that we introduced a no cut zone for the contractor. The Chairman mentioned that when documents were recently withdrawn from the bank a letter was found from DDC giving Hellidon the option to become a council in which case we could take responsibility for activities like verge cutting. It was decided that this matter should be discussed at another meeting but in the meantime the clerk would write to the contractor explicitly requesting some verges be excluded.
Doreen Hillier on behalf the Shepherd’s Spinney committee reported that Brita Wood was retiring and proposed that Bev Harris should join the trustees and become secretary. This was seconded by Pauline Temple. A vote of thanks followed with a presentation to Brita in thanks for her work over the past years.
The meeting closed at approximately 21:01