Parish Meeting Minutes May 2013

Before opening the meeting Chairman Tony Brown, welcomed DDC councillor Jo Gilford & County Councillor Robin Brown and thanked everyone for attending on such a wet night.

Tony & Pauline Temple Richard & Beverley Harris David & Shirley Dobson Martyn Eustace Ross Tomlinson Marcus Galliford Steve Brown
Lady Jenner Councillors Bob Patchett & Liz Griffin

2. Minutes of 2012 AGM:
Minutes of the 2012 AGM were read, approved and duly signed by Chairman Tony Brown proposed by Ian Negus and Seconded by John Christie.

3. Matters Arising : None were forthcoming.

4. Accounts:
Clerk, Jenny Fell took the opportunity of thanking Steve Jackson for doing the internal audit of accounts. Copies of the 3 years of accounts were displayed on screen and explained by Jenny. Proposers & seconders for approval of each set of figures were as follows:
Adoption of account ending March 2012: Proposed: Linda Negus; Seconded Ian Negus
Approval of proposed a/c ending March 2013: Proposed: Ian Negus; Seconded: Gina King
Approval of estimated a/c ending March 2014: Proposed: Ian Negus Seconded: Gina King

5. Chairman’s Report
There had been 19 planning applications during the year of which 14 had been approved; 2 withdrawn, 2 pending and one refused. A pie chart indicated the breakdown of nature of application, (tree work, buildings etc). Tony informed those present that the clerk wished to diminish the amount of previous planning application which she held at home. These date back to the 1970s and fill a four-drawer filing cabinet. In future plans for the previous 10 years only will be held by the clerk. Tony pointed out that all plans can be viewed on microfiche at the DDC offices with more recent ones available on-line. Finally, on the subject of planning, Tony referred to the Met Mast which had been erected at the proposed Windfarm site on Beacon Hill, Shuckburgh. This has now been removed and has also disappeared from the company’s website. The action group, SPWAG, have asked for more details but it is expected that the project will not now be going ahead.
The annual spring litter pick on 30 April had achieved good results and another may be held in the autumn. Those who took part were thanked for their participation.
A few complaints had been received about speeding traffic in the village and Tony pointed out that Hellidon does not in fact have a speed restriction in place. For this to happen street lighting and numerous signs would have to be erected. (Tony produced a photographic image of an approach to Hellidon with multiple signage, creating much amusement). He added that another cause of recent complaints was parking. At this point, discussion ensued about locations of both speeding, parking and erosion of grass verges before Tony ended the debate saying a note would be produced to go into every home reminding villagers of the dangers of unreasonable speeds.
Finally the rights of way report compiled by Footpath Warden, John Christie, was displayed on screen, for everyone to read. Tony thanked John for preparing it.

6. Report by Councillor Jo Gilford
Councillor Gilford began by saying how much she had enjoyed her first year in office and discovered that she spent a lot of her time looking at planning applications. She is also a member of the Corporate Governance Committee, which looks at changes in the audit system. As well as that she serves on the Appeals and Standards Committee, which deals with the conduct of elected personnel. She has also been appointed Portfolio hol;der for Customer Access communication and Marketing.
Councillor Gilford outlined the new projects for the forthcoming year. These included redevelopment of the Royal oak Way Industrial Estate; 45 new homes on the Middlemore Estate; a new crematorium to be built in Rugby in a partnership between Daventry and Rugby and the University, (UTC), which will be opening in September. Other projects outlined included the new Marina at Onley and the £50million scheme to provide shops, a cinema and a supermarket petrol station in Daventry.

7. Report by County Councillor Robin Brown
Councillor Brown spoke of improved services, the stripping out of 5,00 jobs but the need to reduce staff by a further 10%. Some of the jobs before redundancies which were made had increased by an unnecessary 40% in 4 years. He supported the level of village integrity and aimed to resist unwanted development. In a need to maintain the status quo he has a £7.000 empowerment fund available this year from which communities can apply for a grant. He spoke of the weather having caused the delay in necessary road repairs. He ended with the prediction that fast Broadband will be available for all by 2017 and for some by 2014.

8.Election of Officers
Tony displayed the list of Planning Committee members and said that there were no volunteers to join the committee, or resignations from it. So, suggested they could be voted back into office in en bloc as follows: Brita Wood; Mark Englert; Gina King; Steve Brown; Sir Tim Jenner; Ian Negus; Marcus Galliford; and Tom Bird. Proposed by Linda Negus and Seconded by Ellena Christie
Similarly the various Wardens were also voted in en bloc as there were no changes nor any retirements. They were proposed by Gina King and seconded by Nick Fielder, as follows:
Tree Warden:Geoff Haigh Hedge Warden:Chris Prickett Snow Warden:Linda Negus
Neighbourhood Watch :Ellena Christie ROW/Footpath Warden:John Christie
Lastly both Clerk, Jenny Fell and Chairman Tony Brown were prepared to stay in office and were proposed by John Christie and seconded by Nick Fielder, plus many others.

9. Other Events
Tony displayed a list of events, projects and activities which have recently taken place in Hellidon:
He began with a summary of the 2012 Jubilee Celebrations. The sale of calendars, following that event raised a sum of £124 which has been donated to the Millennium Spinney for bulb planting there. The tree commemorating the event has now died, it is to be replaced and re-sited. Another matter, which had arisen at the time of the Jubilee was a village website. Tony has researched the matter and will keep residents informed of progress on a site, which he explained would cover all activities in the village and not just be dedicated to the Parish Meeting.
Planning for the 2013 Summer Fête is now underway, Deborah Hirst was asked if she would like to say a few words on that. Debs asked anyone interested in involvement to see her after the meeting.
From the County Council, Parish Enhancement Gangs are scheduled to visit the village in response to a questionnaire filled in by the clerk earlier in the year. The date of their visit is as yet unknown. Finally Tony reminded everyone of the Open Gardens event at the end of the month.

10.Any Other Business:
Ellena Christie asked if anyone who still had a Christian Aid envelope could return it to her.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.02pm

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