Parish meeting minutes November 2014



  1. APOLOGIES: Geoff & Rowena Haigh; Colin & Kris Prickett; John & Ellena Christie; Paul & Susie Goudime; Paul & Catherine Molloy; Doreen Hillier-Bird; Tony Fell & Councillor Robin Brown


  1. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: (25 November 2013): were read, approved and signed. (Proposed by Marcus Galliford and seconded by Ian Negus).


  1. MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES: Chairman, Tony Brown asked if anyone had anything to discuss from the minutes. He explained that road signs and god-cakes remain on the agenda, although some had already been repaired or renewed. The remainder will hopefully be resolved in the next financial year when we shall apply to County Councillor Robin Brown for funding from his Empowerment Fund. Tony illustrated his explanation with pictures of 2 god-cakes and two restored road signs. He chose this point to introduce the village website at where minutes from parish meetings and other matters of interest to the village are displayed.


  1. PRECEPT: Tony handed over to the Clerk to give her recommendations. Jenny suggested keeping the precept at £1,000 per annum as our expenditure is approximately that figure at present. The proposer, to keep the precept at £1000, was Gina King, seconded by Tim Jenner


  1. CATESBY TUNNEL: Tony explained the proposed plans for the disused Catesby tunnel by ARP who wish to construct a full scale vehicle testing facility and research laboratory.

He outlined the stages at which the proposed development to the tunnel will proceed. In May 2015 there will be a public exhibition to which local parishes will be invited. It will possibly be hosted at Charwelton. Later in the year a planning application will be lodged with DDC and a decision expected by the end of 2015. If approved it is anticipated that work will begin in 2016.

Discussion and questions on the project ensued and it was revealed that the main buildings, reception and laboratory facilities will be situated at the Charwelton end of the tunnel. It is anticipated that the old railway bridge will be replaced. This has been a cause of concern for some 6 years, ever since a new road layout and removal of the bridge was first mooted for the junction.


  1. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: A list of planning applications, received since the start of the financial year, in April, was displayed. There were six, two of which were pending, whilst 4 had been approved. Three were for work to trees, two were for minor work to listed properties and one was for the construction of an agricultural worker’s dwelling.


COUNCILLOR JO GILFORD had indicated that she would attend but had not arrived. After displaying a photo of her with a fellow councillor both holding cameras with which they have been provided for council use such as pot holes and other hazards, Tony moved on to the next item:


  1. ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Tony displayed a list of items that are of current interest. Waste collections and recycling over Christmas; for which every household should by now have received a leaflet. He reminded those present that the Christmas Fair is to be on Saturday 29 November in the village hall from 1pm until 5pm. Finally Gina had requested anyone who wanted apples to call at her house.

The meeting closed at approximately 8.22pm.

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