Parish minutes November 2013


 1. APOLOGIES:Tom & Helen Bowen; Ian & Linda Negus; Rowena Haigh; Tony & Pauline Temple; Mark Englert; Margaret Brown; Martyn Eustace & Tony Fell

  1. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: (29 October 2012): were read, approved and signed. (Proposed by Gina King and seconded by Brita Wood).

3. MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES: Chairman, Tony Brown asked if anyone had anything to discuss from the minutes Sir Tim Jenner asked about road signs which have been on the agenda or supposedly in hand for several years now. Following some discussion it was suggested that we apply for a grant from the County Councillor’s Empowerment Fund.

  1. PRECEPT: Tony handed over to the Clerk to give her recommendations. Jenny suggested keeping the precept at £1,000 per annum as our expenditure is approximately that figure at present. At this point Councillors Jo Gilford and Bob Patchett explained the revised system at Daventry for allocating the precept. The proposer, to keep the precept at £1000, was Paul Goudime, seconded by Steve Brown.


  1. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: A list of planning applications, received since the start of the financial year, in April, was displayed. There were 17 for which Tony had drawn a pie chart showing that, applications for work to trees exceeded those for proposed building work. Bob Patchett elaborated on the two which are for wind turbines, one at Byfield and the other at Long Furlong Farm, which is currently under appeal.

6 COUNCILLORS JO GILFORD & BOB PATCHETT: Talked about the County Council’s Highways policy, which is to declassify some roads in the DDC area including the A361 and A5. DDC has rejected this proposal. The route for Flore bypass was briefly discussed and will include a new M1 junction, (16A). They explained the new strategy adopted by DDC to generate income and become self sustainable since government funding has been reduced. DDC has become a private landlord to 32 houses, which generate income from rent. The Leisure Centre has been let to a contractor successfully and is giving income from profit. It has been proposed to develop another Leisure Centre, elsewhere in the town and a hotel. Both of which would generate more profits, they suggested. Marcus Galliford, from the floor suggested that a hotel would not do that, there is already a derelict one in the town and plenty of available rooms in other hotels in the town and surrounding district. Councillor Gilford responded that the project would be done in partnership.

Councillor Patchett informed the meeting that the waste transfer station that had been proposed for Byfield had been rejected and would not be going ahead. Also that a proposed 35 houses at Byfield had been refused at appeal.

Finally both councillors were pleased to announce that rehab/respite care had been retained at Longlands in Daventry.

  1. ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Jenny informed the meeting that she had received DDC’s list of dates for Christmas recycling and disposal of Christmas trees and would circulate the details in December.

Tony asked for people to think about how Hellidon can commemorate WW1 in 2014 and asked for suggestions, in due course. He also outlined details of the Hellidon website and thanked Marcus Galliford for setting it up. Contributions from village organisations were requested; these minutes and those of future meetings will be found there, plus other parish related activities.   There will also be some space for businesses to advertise.

Jenny asked for a volunteer to be the contact for dealing with dog mess in the village, this followed a letter which was displayed to the meeting about spraying such mess with paint to highlight it. One spray can will be allocated to each village shortly. William McEwen volunteered.

 The meeting closed at approximately 8.50pm.


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