The Hellidon Bulletin Board May 2013

Dear Resident,

At the Parish Annual General Meeting held on 14 May, several issues were discussed. These and other items of interest are detailed below:

All officers remain for another year, as follows:
Chairman Tony Brown; Clerk Jenny Fell;
Planning committee: Gina King; Brita Wood;; Tim Jenner; Tom Bird; Steve Brown; Mark Englert; Marcus Galliford and Ian Negus.
Wardens: Trees:Geoff Haigh Hedges:Chris Prickett Snow:Linda Negus
Neighbourhood Watch :Ellena Christie ROW/Footpaths:John Christie

The meeting was attended by DDC Councillor Jo Gilford and County Councillor Robin Brown. The latter indicated that faster broadband is on its way and should be available throughout the county by 2017 and for some parts by 2014.

Topics discussed included the state of the roads, which it is hoped will be addressed in the coming year. Parish Enhancement Gangs are scheduled to deal with potholes, blocked drains and gulleys and signposts. No date has been fixed yet for this work. I will endeavour to inform you when it is to start, if I have advanced notification.

The hour long meeting included a summary of village events both past and future. The Litter Pick, in which many residents participated, was successfully accomplished in approximately an hour, those who took part were thanked for their help. The Jubilee Celebrations, last year resulted in a profit from sales of 2013 calendars of £124, which has now been donated towards the Millennium Spinney for the purchase of bulbs. The forthcoming fête and dog show on 22 June, was mentioned, with the advice to contact Debs Hirst or Tony Fell for further details, or offers of help.
Finally, a village website is scheduled for the future. Residents will be notified of progress in due course.

If you wish to see the minutes of the meeting of 14 May, I shall be pinning a copy of them on the village notice board, on the Green, opposite the Red Lion. If you need further information on any of the above items please contact me and I will be pleased to help if I can. I can be contacted at home, or by telephone, or e-mail.

Sincerely Yours Jenny

Going Green
Dear Resident,

Please find overleaf the Bulletin Board, which I circulate within the village following every Parish Meeting – usually 2 per year.
I now have 63 homes in Hellidon on my email list and contact those people via email. If you would like to receive your copy electronically too, please send me your email address, (

Regards Jenny Fell, (Parish Cerk)

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